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Hey look, words!
Strange person
So I think my job just went ka-lapowaboom. Stuff happened and it looks like the current owners of the place I work are being forced to shut down (though I'm not entirely sure on the details). This should be a bad thing, but I'm not going to say a part of me isn't [b]elated[/b] at the prospect of never going back to that place.
My nose started bleeding while typing that. Stopped the flow, then used the blood to doodle on my face because it amused me to do so. Must remember to wash face before going outside.
Even though it's less likely to happen now, I'm looking forward to having my own place. I'm going to stuff the cabinets full of chips and pop-tarts and ramen and pasta and pasta sauce, and fill the freezer with pizzas and chicken and ground beef and frozen meals. Then I can invite a guy over (got one in mind, actually) for dinner, TV, and breaking in the new sheets. Not living with my parents will be AWESOME!! Though I guess I better remeber to eat vegetables too... in my opinion broccoli is the only vegetable that tastes good, and ONLY if you eat it raw, steamed, or as part of broccoli beef. None of that pouring cheesy crap over it; it destroys the flavor. On second thought, onions and green beans taste alright too if you fry them. So as long as I eat those things, I should be juuuuuuust fine (hooray for fat people logic!).


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