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I was bored
I have to work tomorrow, which means I'll have worked 7 days in a row with no break. How am I supposed to do anythng if I never have any time off? I'm seriously considering just leaving if my boss doesn't have a replacement for that jackass who left by the end of next week. My dad says I need to suck it up so I look good for the boss, but this is a dead end job, there are no promotions and I'm tired of those pussy-ass tactics.
I am now fully convinced that my parents don't want me to move out because then they'd have to do all the stuff I normally do for them, like hanging up laundry and washing dishes and remembering to put out the trash can can on trash day. I would just move out but my parents take more than half my paycheck each month for "rent." Naturaly, rent went up as soon as I stopped having to pay them for fixing my car, and went up again when I declined an oppurtunity to work even more hours for less than half a day's pay, their argument being that I don't appreciate money enough to sacrifice my off time for it.
Oh, and they're STILL bugging me about grandkids, and they aren't kidding, especially since my sister is practically infertile. They need to accept that this branch is dead. When are they going to understand how selfish they're being wanting grandkids?

You know what? Screw them and their "we had do to this as young adults too" philosophy. I'm not them, I'm not obligated to live they way they believe is "right," and no more money for them, because I need it if I'm ever going to live away from them. I don't think it's asking too much for them to lay off the rent for a few months so I can move out and stop being such a burden on them.


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