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idle thoughts
I think my dad might be a closet furry. At least, in a basic interpretation of the term. He seems to really like movies such as Alpha and Omega, The Fantastic Mr. Fox, and Madagascar, and enjoys going to zoos and taking pictures of the animals,. He seems to have an affinity for dragons and reptiles, as he once worked at a school with a dragon as it's macot and bought a tone of dragon plushes, figures, and even a couple shirts, and he watches How to Train Your Dragon everytime it's on one of the movie channels. Also, he has owned many snakes and lizards over the years, but my mom hates reptiles so now the only one he has is a ball python, which she still isn't happy about. I don't know, maybe it's just wishful thinking on my part; not all animal enhusiests are furries after all.

My dreams are becoming more vivid I think, at least when I have dreams at all. I've noticed some recurring locations, like an abandoned factory that's on a coast and seems to be miles long, a video game store the size of a warehouse, a mall located in some dark dimention, a room full of toilets (?!), some kind of island resort and the ship that takes people there, an arcade (sometimes connected to the mall, sometimes it's own building), and a hotel built like a parking garage (as in  with a long corridor that spirals upward instead of stairs) and with a cylindrical elevator. No recurring characters yet (I don't count people from reality), but the ones that do show up tend to be interesting.

I think Charlie Sheen is a horrible person. I won't be sad to see him go.


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