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It's so long!
Saw The Dark Knight Rises with a sexy bear (not the furry kind, but just as good if not better) this past Friday. It was pretty cool, but a few parts were confusing. The thing that bugs me the most is how there's no mention of the Joker at all, not even when discussing the things he was responsible for. I know, everyone's sad that Ledger died and stuff, but wouldn't refusing to acknoledge his contributions to the franchise be a bit of an insult?

Anyway, had lots of bedroom fun after the movie, and then went to work.

Oh yeah, I have a job now, working at a different convenience store than the one I was working at. Awesome, huh? Now I'll have the money to buy all the time-wasting stuff I want! Especially since My parents said they wouldn't charge rent if  saved money for college... which I could do, but I think I'll end up using it to rent an apartment with someone instead.

Aforementioned bear loaned Associated Student Bodies and Circles to me, and I thought it was a bit strange he had them in the first place but whatevs, the reason he gave me made sense. They have a similar premise, but Circles actually points out that having sex with people you barely know isn't such a great idea, whereas ASB practically glorifies sleeping around, and I like the former more for that. But the latter has pr0n, so I like it anyway. Also included where some ASB paper dolls. I'm going photocopy some of them and practice drawing them. I hate copying other people's stuff, but it'll probably help me become a better artist.

Bought an instructional sketch book focusing on manga from Hobby Lobby. I'm really going to try to put serious effort into getting better at that stuff. In a bit of serendipity (didn't notice until after getting home), there's actually a small section of drawing furries- but only catgirls. Though I checked the credits, and that section is actually from another book called Draw Furries, which I can order online. Anyways, so far I've been drawing eyes. I could already draw eyes, but the book contains several different styles, so I've been doing those since I figure it's best to start with something I'm familiar with.

Got Pokemon FireRed back, which was on loan to someone, and I'm doing a Nuzlocke Challenge. For those who don't know, the rules of a Nuzlocke Challenge are:
1) Catch only the first Pokemon encountered in each area. Not one you want? Too bad. Fail to catch it? Too bad.
2) If a 'Mon faints, it is "dead" and must be released (or boxed forever).
Optional) No using items, no Pokemon Centers, no held items, no evolving, release the starter after catching a Pokemon, no sanity, no fun, fuck that shit.
I started a new game, picked Bulbasaur, and immediately lost the first battle thanks to a critical hit and Tackle having only 95% accuracy. Fail. Started over with Charmander. So far so good, I'm in Pewter City with a team of Charmander, Rattata, Pidgey, Metapod, and Mankey. I think the Random Number God knows I'm doing the challenge, because every time my Pokemon got hit with Poison Sting they were poisoned, but none have fainted yet. Currently challenge is on pause because I'm trying to find out if the part of Route 2 after leaving the Viridian Forsest counts as a different area from the part before, because I want a team of six before taking on Brock if I can.

So yeah, I'll let you guys know how all this stuff turns out. Now if you'll excuse me, there are some pictures I must study.

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lol, you funny ;)

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